There are now many types of portable solar equipment available.  They range from the truly gimmicky to the sensible. From hats with a solar panel and fan for cooling your head to  solar powered calculators and portable solar charging systems.  Keeping track of what’s out there can be a challenge.

Portable Solar Devices:

Some of the solar powered items for sale on the Internet include halogen lanterns, hats with fans, Christmas lights, radios, portable refrigerator/freezers, battery chargers, bags, outdoor lighting of almost every description, rodent repellers, children’s toys and others.  Examples of such things for sale can be found at, as well as many other places on the internet.  Many solar objects are new designs or are being made by companies without a long reputation in the field.  This means that while there is a wonderful selection, the quality is rather variable.

Portable Solar Charging Systems

Portable solar charging systems are much more practical than they used to be.  Many of them make use of technologies like thin film photovoltaics so that they can be folded up and packed away when not in use.  For people like backpackers, this means that you can stick your solar panel in your backpack and have power wherever you go.  There are also battery chargers that are part of bags or backpacks.  A review of such an item can be found on On a somewhat larger scale, solar panels are also used on boats and RVs to power appliances and charge batteries.

Portable Solar-Powered Equipment: From Chargers to Hats

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