Green engineering positions typically want an undergraduate degree in engineering or closely related discipline, although a high school diploma with four years of technical and engineering experience may also be considered acceptable. There may also be guild requirements. Many of the engineering jobs are electrical, electronics, or IT positions.

Positions labeled as technician often don’t require a full degree and may be more accessible to those trying to enter the field. They often expect an Associate degree or several years of experience in the field. Engineering and technical positions aren’t open to high school graduates without experience in the field. Mechanics are a different story altogether, and often require a lot less training than engineers.

General Electric is currently hiring a lot of people for these positions. However, when working for energy companies it’s a good idea to check whether the particular projects you’ll be working on are actually green. If you’re working with coal, it is not a green job, even if you found it on a green energy jobs board.

Green Energy Jobs: Engineering and Technical Positions

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