Like all companies, green energy companies require people to organize all the work that’s being done. Someone to do the payroll, someone to hire people, someone to make sure people do the things that need to be done.

Requirements for administration and management positions in green energy are not very different from requirements for similar jobs in other industries. However, some experience with construction or renewable energy is usually preferred, and is required for some positions.

Check the requirements of the individual job you are applying for carefully. Requirements vary greatly between jobs. If it doesn’t say a certain type of experience is required, it probably isn’t. Don’t avoid applying because you assume a certain type of experience is required.

If you have any experience in construction or renewable energy, let them know. It could be the selling point that gets you the job. Experience in administration, management or customer service as related to the duties of the position should be emphasized, especially if you lack experience with green energy. Display the skills you have, and emphasize your willingness to learn those you lack.

In addition to jobs labeled as administrator, manager, or customer service specialist, there are a great many jobs in the solar industry that require managerial skills in addition to technical skills. For example, senior engineers are often required to do administrative tasks, and individuals with administration experience are preferred for these positions.

A few solar energy companies that hire for administration and management positions:

Green Energy Jobs: Administration and Management

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