Axe is a Unilever product that markets toward the young and fashionable generation. They make hair care, shower gel, and deodorants, each with different lines of types and scents. Their deodorant offerings include a set of deodorant body sprays, a set of antiperspirant & deodorant sticks, and a set of more traditional deodorant sticks. They currently have 11 different body spray varieties, and 8 different deodorant varieties, each available in either antiperspirant & deodorant stick, or just deodorant stick without the antiperspirant.

Axe has put together different product lines and scents that go between their hair care products, shower gels, and deodorants. These are all given names to reflect their promotion toward a younger audience like “Instinct”, “Dark Temptation”, “Kilo”, and “Phoenix”. So if you find a scent that you like, you can purchase the same “Instinct” line in a shampoo, shower gel, and deodorant or body spray. This is a great way to cross-market their products, once a customer gets into the habit of buying a certain type of their deodorant for example, they’re likely to also begin purchasing their other products with the same scent.


Find Axe Deodorant Coupons

The Axe website may include promotions and coupons for their products. The company website is always a great place start, so you should always go to They may not have any offers available directly from their website, and at this time have no email club or program to register for to receive offers and coupons.


Axe Deodorant Coupons – Other Sources

Another great source of Axe coupons is your local Sunday newspaper, which regularly features large booklets of coupons for a wide variety of grocery and personal care products including deodorant. Axe is a brand that’s heavily promoted, and these promotional campaigns regularly include offering money saving coupons through the Sunday newspaper.

Another way to save is to purchase Axe deodorant in large quantity packaging. This site has links in the sidebar to offers from on large quantity packaging of deodorant products including Axe. If you purchase in large quantities, you save more per deodorant stick than if you purchased each one separately. These offers can be as small as 2-packs, up to 6-packs. The higher the quantity usually means more savings per unit. Many times these offers are eligible for free shipping, or can be combined with other purchases to obtain a high enough total purchase to be rewarded with free shipping. This method not only saves you money per deodorant stick, but it also allows you easily get your purchase shipped directly to your door. Deodorant is something you’ll want to stock up on because you never want to run out, so buy in a large quantity, a nice way to save money event without Axe deodorant coupons.

Axe Deodorant Coupons

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